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Trade, earn and explore crypto with confidence on Hashgreen platform

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How to trade seamlessly with HashgreenSwap

Step 1: Create A Wallet

Create a wallet on Chia and connect it with HashgreenSwap.

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Step 2: Get XCH and CATs

Acquire some XCH or CATs through exchanges or the ETH bridge to your wallet.

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Step 3: Start Trading

Explore and start your trading journey with HashgreenSwap!

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Why HashgreenSwap? Don't trust, verify.

  • "Zap" feature grants solo-token fund addition

  • Built on the secure Cypher library

  • Dynamic fee optimization for transaction efficiency

  • Spend bundle aggregation built within the smart contract, enabling multiple transactions to occur in one block.

  • Customized slippage tolerance ensure that transactions are executed amidst volatile market conditions. Rest assured, you are guaranteed to receive the Minimum Amount shown.

To obtain additional details, check out Features in our Docs!